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Children & Youth Ministries

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Welcome Megan!

Megan Page is our new Sunday School Teacher/Director. Megan has been a member of our church for many years. She has a strong faith in God and enjoys teaching stories from the bible. She is also the granddaughter of the late Ron Westerman, Pastor Emeritus of First Congregational church. She comes to us with 14 years of experience homeschooling her three children, Rowan, Ember, and Tenzin. She is an incredible artist that works with many mediums and brings a lot of enthusiasm to teaching young people about art and the world of art. We are so happy to have her teaching the kiddos every Sunday.

Honoring Our Graduates


Speaking of graduation...

A tradition here at FCCA is to make blankets or quilts for those seniors graduating from high school. We have a growing number of graduates so we are calling for quilters and knitters to make a blanket/quilt.

June is just around the corner and you know what that means? GRADUATION! We want to celebrate all of our Grads! Please help by giving us the names of those students who are:

  • graduating from elementary school into middle

  • or junior high school

  • graduating from middle or junior high to high

  • school into high school

  • graduating from high school

  • graduating from college

If you have a graduate, or if you are able to help make a blanket, please contact
Marsha Porte or Susan Moore for more info.

Save The Dates!

Camp for our youth this coming summer will be at

The Community of the Great Commission, near Foresthill.
We are encouraging our children and youth to attend!  

Camp will be the week of June 23-30, 2024:


  • Completed grades 3-5 June 23-27

  • Completed grades 6-8 June 23-29

  • Completed grades 9-12 June 23-29

  • Completed grades K-2 June 28-30 (This camp is with a grandparent or other adult.)


Adult volunteer counselors are also needed.

Please contact Susan Moore to volunteer, or for more

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Nursery Care

Infants to preschool age children are welcome to spend the service in our nursery.  Our nursery staff is CPR/1st Aid trained.

Sunday School
  • Our Sunday School program serves children in pre-K through 5th grade.

  • Children start out in the service and then will head to class. 

  • Classes are held in Pilgrim Hall

  • Join us for a bible lesson and fun activities!

Youth Group

Our youth group serves kids 6th-12th grade. More info soon!

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